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Camping holidays in Gap in the Heart of the Alps

Discovery of the Route Napoléon

Story of itinerant holidays in a motorhome that ends on a sedentary vacation in Marie and Roland Campsite Alpes Dauphiné in Gap in the heart of the Hautes Alpes

Having chosen to spend our holidays while roaming, our choice naturally fell on the main tourist routes.

Armed with our Chausson motorhome loaned by friends, we are ready for the adventure. After leaving our native Burgundy, destination south by
the famous Route Napoléon.
If the destination was not yet defined, the trip was ready. It must be said that Jordan and Anne-lise's motorhome is not a early youth,
once we passed Lyon we knew that the steps would be short!
The highway is to be banned, overpriced and to drive 80 not really of interest.
First stage Bourgoin-Jallieu 5 hours on the road, 220 km on the odometer, at least 10 stops, the holidays start the best in the world.
A pizza at Didier's (veggie pizza is top) second day 120 km to make destination Vizille for the visit of the museum of the French revolution and starting point from "notre Route napoléon" Passing by Uriage superb Spa, with a small tour of the Golf.

Ah yes I forget to tell you my son and I play Golf (More passionate than gifted). The museum will be visited tomorrow, the route was longer than expected.

This is what is good with the motorhome is that we are free like air so no time problem.

Day 3, in the afternoon 40 ° we left on La Route Napoléon, destination Gap 80 Km, yes but it is the Alps, past 200 m alt to 1000 m alt in less than ten
kilometers with our Chausson it's going quiet

the mountains are magnificent, the road that winds through these valleys leaves us dreamy.

The journey was completed in record time 80 km in 6 hours: at least 15 photo stops, two snacks, a nap and we are in Gap. By the way we discovered golf of Bayard

we decided to make an appointment for the next day. The motorhome is good but sleeping on the roadside does not feel like tonight so
camping with swimming pool and restaurant it's vacation or not !!


Here we are at Camping Alpes Dauphine, given our speed, at our arrival at 8 p.m. the pool is closed but the restaurant is still open
Day 4, the free shuttle set up by the City of Gap drops us off from the Campsite directly to the Golf, then everyone is happy me and my son
we play ball and my wife stayed at the campsite with the motorhome discovers aquagym, the swimming pool, the conviviality of the campsite, the activities offered.

Back to the campsite, we learned that the next day we would discover with a Guide "the peak of Gleize", indeed twice a week the campsite organizes hikes
family to discover the surroundings

not having a car we carpool with a Dutch couple who don't speak a word of French, but some
beers later we communicated without problem.

Here we are on day 6, our roaming begins to become sedentary, moreover today it is the market that is inevitable, we left with the
shuttle towards downtown and buy fruit vegetables and unnecessary purchases therefore perfectly essential

Maxime my son made him two friends and prefers
definitely exploring the water slide rather than the market. I pass you the details of the following days where Jan and Gretje our Dutch friends
introduced us to other campers passionate about hikes and drinks, and this is how after having decided to see the South in an itinerant motorhome,
we spent 10 days of sedentary holidays in Gap in the Heart of the Alps and along the Route Napoléon.